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20th August 2008

The video shoot for the forthcoming single release 'I Believe' was a roaring success!Bryn & Shan

The song, a Tigertailz classic, has been re-recorded in support of Amser Justin Time by Bryn, Shân, Serendipity and the band themselves. The recording also features Justin 'Pepsi Tate' Smith's original bass playing. 

Bryn, Shân and Tigertailz strutted their stuff impressively. Bryn even showed the glam-rockers how it's done, swinging a mic stand around his head. Serendipity then turned up to restore some decorum to proceedings, whilst scores of loving couples turned up to smooch for the cameras and appear in this amazing video!

The fact that a crew of over 30 respected professionals gave freely of their time contributed to an amazing atmosphere of positivity and common purpose, and a rockin' good time was had by all.

Release details for the single have yet to be finalised, but initial responses to the rough mixes have included 'Huge!', 'Epic!', and 'Justin would have laughed his head off!'.

Tailz rock out







Watch this space...