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S4C's 'Iha Sheelagh' collect £550!



Following each of the 6 live shows, the audience for the S4C comedy series Iha Sheelagh, starring AJT founder Shan Cothi, held a collection raising over £550!

The S4C Welsh comedy series 'Iha Sheelagh' was filmed in front of a live audience at the Three Counties Showground, Carmarthen in October of this year. At the end of each episode, there was a collection as the audience were leaving. Incredibly, nearly a £100 was raised each evening with the grand total reaching £552.29!

Shan was not expecting this kind gesture and was overwhelmed when writer and actor Meirion Davies (who played the role of 'Horni') told her the good news.



Diolch o galon!

Thank you so much to all those who supported the show and gave so generously. xx